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Cats are very territorial.  Both male and female cats can engage in aggressive territorial behavior.

If you are thinking of adding a new cat to your home, make sure you have considered the possible settle in pains.

Inter-male aggression between 2 males is a common reason for sparks to fly.  It’s mostly common with unneutered males.  To be safe, it is always best to have your cat neutered or spayed to lessen the possibility of cat fights.

Some cats have defensive aggression.  This occurs when a cat feels threatened and cornered.  If they are in a position to have to defend themselves, they will.    Approaching a cat in a defensive position is likely to end in the cat retaliating.

Cats can also experience redirected aggression.  This occurs for example if your cat is agitated by something outside at the same time you want to pet him/her then you might experience redirected aggression that is aimed at you.  At the time this happens, your cat is too agitated to realize their actions so you can’t take this personally.

The best way to introduce a new cat to your furry family is to do careful, slow introductions.  Allow separation space and areas for safe retreats.  Don’t force the union.  Cats a picky about their friends and you can never be guaranteed which cats would best fit.  They may eventually tolerate each other but it’s up to you to make sure things start off on the right, positive note.

If you find yourself in the middle of a cat fight, DON’T get in the middle.  The best way to end the fight is to spray the cats with water or make a loud clapping noise to distract them or throw a pillow nearby to startle them to interrupt the fight.

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