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It is essential to teach children at an early age respect and kindness to all living creatures.    If you want to help nurture your child’s love for all animals, below are some suggestions that don’t require you to already have a pet in your home.

How to nurture compassion to all living creatures with your children:

  • Build a butterfly garden.  Help the Monarch butterfly to survive and be a butterfly hero!  You can get a butterfly starter kit from the national wildlife federation.  You can provide safe spaces for Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs.   You can plant food and water their homes to keep them healthy.
  • Support local wildlife in your yard or your balcony. Make sure you have fresh water out for bids and small animals during the summer.  Choose animal friendly plants that attract hummingbirds, bees, insects.
  • Hang up birdfeeders during the winter months to help out wildlife in the cold weather.
  • Leave wildlife in their natural habitat. Don’t keep them as pets.  They belong in their homes.
  • Sign animal welfare petitions that you support to help change laws and protect wildlife and domestic pets
  • Host a fundraiser (be creative!) for your local pet rescue or animal shelter to help them care for the animals. Sometimes local humane societies will offer birthday parties at their shelter.  Ask for donations to the shelter instead of gifts.
  • Volunteer at your local rescue/shelter
  • Clean your local ravine up to support the wildlife. It’s their home and it can be dangerous when garbage is left out on the ground
  • Take a family nature walk. Many local ravines, parks and trails will often have education signs explaining the local wildlife that makes the area their homes and how to cohabitate with them.
  • Ask your school to add Vegan choices to their lunch menu
  • Start a Kindness club at school with your friends
  • Make meat-free and dairy-free choices
  • Choose products that aren’t tested on animals or that don’t have animal by-products in them.
  • Teach how to effectively read labels and ingredient lists to make compassionate choices at the grocery store
  • ….. Is a great website and resource.

“Teaching children to be kinder to animals today, is our only hope for a kinder world tomorrow”.

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