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Are you considering adding a Gentle Giant to your family?   Great Danes are wonderful family dogs and have an interesting story….

  • Don’t let the name fool you, they were originally from Germany
  • They have a mix of 3 different dog breeds in their genes:
  1. Irish Wolfhound – this gives them their height
  2. Greyhound – this gives them their speed
  3. Mastiff – this gives them their muscle
  • Great Danes were bred to hunt boar, deer, and bear
  • Great Danes were also bred to protect their families
  • The Great Dane is the 15th most popular dog breed
  • They do not require strenuous exercise as it can be hard on their joints
  • They do well in any setting including apartments
  • Great Dane’s hold the world record for the tallest dog (44 inches tall)
  • They make great family dogs as they are loyal, loving, and affectionate
  • The only down-side is that their life span is shorter (average between 7-10 years)

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