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Styrofoam cooler

30-gallon storage container


Tie wrap or bungee cord

Cut a 5 ½” diameter hole at the end of the storage tote.  Insert the Styrofoam cooler and cut a hole in the Styrofoam to match the tote.

Add straw.   Make sure you do not use Hay or blankets in place of straw.  Blankets and hay will remain damp when they get wet and will not provide warmth for the cats.  The straw will absorb water therefore keeping it dry in the shelter.

Put the Styrofoam lid on the cooler and the Tote lid on the bin and secure it down with either bungee cords or a tie-down.

Make sure you pick a quiet, secluded location that is a frequent destination for the cats you are helping.   Place some cat food near the bin so the bin is a good experience and will more likely be used by the cat.

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