Tick’s can be associated with Lyme disease so if you spot a tick on your pet, it is essential that you properly remove it in its entirety.  Checking your pet daily for ticks is always a good habit to get into.

To remove the tick properly, grasp it with tweezers firmly at the head, as close to the pet’s skin as possible, and slowly, pull straight back.

Never twist, press, burn or apply irritating substances to an attached tick because doing so can cause the parasite to regurgitate the contents of it’s digestive tract, creating a hypodermic effect.

After removing the tick, cover the bite with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a dilute solution of tea tree oil, diluted grapefruit seed extract, or all three.  (** note that peroxide will bleach dark fur).  These antiseptics are recommended because they destroy the Lyme disease bacteria on contact.

**reference: The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care – CJ Puotinen